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2009 U.S. Coin Digest Available On DVD

DVD Product for 2009 U.S. Coin Digest

This years 7th edition of the U.S. Coin Digest inlcuded a DVD with searchable pdf files of the entire catalog bound into the back inside cover of the book. Cover price for this book DVD combination was $16.99. But if you really only want the DVD, we now are offering a stand alone DVD product for only $9.95.

That's pretty cheap for a great reference containing information on all U.S. coinage. It's the same as the book, but in digital only form for use on your desktop or laptop computer. You get all the color images just like in the book, except you can enlarge these images on the screen for better viewing of finer details. You get all the coin values, just like the book offers, for Colonial coins and tokens, standard U.S. Coins, Territorial gold coins, Commemoratives, Hawaii, Philippines and Puerto Rico coinage. Plus the basic 60 plus pages of introductory information so useful for begining coin collectors.

It's all there in the stand alone DVD package for only $9.95. Check it out at the magazine website today.