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2000 Cheerios Lincoln Cent

The Sacagawea dollar of 2000 has boldly detailed tail feathers inside the Cheerios box. Along with that came a 2000 Lincoln cent. Was there anything specially detailed about the Lincoln cent?

Most 2000 Cheerios Lincoln cents can only be differentiated from other 2000 cents by the special packaging in which the coin is first encountered. We can argue if this packaging makes the Cheerios cents a variety or not. Perhaps 10 percent can be differentiated as Wide AM Reverse Cheerios cents since these were struck from dies meant exclusively for proof cent production. Cheerios cents typically trade in the special Cheerios packaging; however, some of the cents have been certified, graded, encapsulated, and appropriately labeled by third-party certification services.

How would the third-party certification service ensure the Cheerios cent submitted to them originated from those cents initially obtained from a cereal box?

The coins must be submitted to the third-party service in the original packaging. While the services now encapsulate GSA (General Service Administration) Morgan silver dollars in their GSA holders, I have seen a few of these dollars encapsulated and labeled as GSA dollars that must have been removed from that holder prior to how the certification service is now offered.

Why was there a gap in production of half dollars after 1797 until 1801?

A new coining press designed primarily to strike both medals and silver dollars went into operation at the mint in early 1795. While the press could accommodate half dollars, it was used exclusively for dollar coins and perhaps for medals. While it was later learned the dollars were being heavily exported to China, more modest numbers of half dollars were being exported to the West Indies, making half dollars more attractive to issue.

Is there a difference between the coinage terms ‘type’ and ‘variety’?

A type coin is when the major design elements are similar but not identical. A variety is some anomaly difference between two coins of the same type, such as the 1891-CC Morgan dollar and its Spitting Eagle variety.

What is the difference between a mintmark and a privy mark?

A mintmark identifies the mint from where a coin originates. A privy mark is an additional mark added to a coin to identify that coin as being unique for some reason. Privy marks date from the 14th century at which time the marks were used to identify when a coin was minted. Today, these marks celebrate something or someone.