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100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins

If ever there was a coin book anyone and everyone could enjoy, this is it! Selected and ranked by leaders of today's coin collecting community, this is the ultimate big, beautiful coin book.BUY NOW!
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This is more than your common coin book, this is your guide to an unforgettable journey through modern-day U.S. coin history. The coins in this book were chosen and ranked based on input from a renowned panel of coin experts.

The 100 featured coins in this intriguing book, including many rarely-seen and coveted coins such as the 2000 Sacagawea dollar / Washington quarter mule, "Godless" Presidential dollars, and "No S" Proof coins are displayed with spectacular color photographs and the story behind each. In addition, you'll find details about modern coin production, grading modern coins, market values and mintage, along with many more intriguing details.

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