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Collect all 17 U.S. cent types

By Mike Thorne, Ph.D. How do you feel about the lowly cent? Is it a coin you have so little use for that you won’t stoop to pluck one from the ground? After all, a cent by itself won’t buy … Continue reading

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1933-D Lincoln cent has been long overlooked

It’s hard to believe that there could be an overlooked Lincoln cent. After all, almost 110 years of Lincoln cent mintages have been studied by generation after generation of collectors and dealers. That fact alone should mean no Lincoln cent … Continue reading

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Don’t abolish U.S. cent

I am a practical, logical person. No one would ever say I’m frivolous. But when it comes to talk of eliminating the Lincoln cent, I get a bit irrational. Canada has decided to phase out its cent at the end … Continue reading

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