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Second 1982-D Small Date Copper Alloy Lincoln cent discovered

A second 1982-D Small Date homogenous copper alloy Lincoln cent has been discovered.  Like the original discovery coin this latest find is also graded AU-58. According to the PCGS label it weighs 3.07 grams – close enough to be within … Continue reading

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Musings on a guide book of Lincoln cents

by Dennis Tucker In the United States today the Lincoln cent is the most popular “classic” collector coin. Uniquely, it holds that position while also being one of the most popular modern coins. To call the Lincoln cent a classic American … Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor (April 30, 2019)

Trio of Mnuchin signatures On March 28, I turned in my recyclables and received from the recycling center three $1 bills, 2017 with Mnuchin signatures. They are crisp, very uncirculated, and are of consecutive numbers. Mitch Rudoff Address withheld   … Continue reading

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1933-D Lincoln cent has been long overlooked

It’s hard to believe that there could be an overlooked Lincoln cent. After all, almost 110 years of Lincoln cent mintages have been studied by generation after generation of collectors and dealers. That fact alone should mean no Lincoln cent … Continue reading

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Time for major new series of cents

The American Innovators $1 coin series is about to start. It will take us to the year 2032. The America the Beautiful series, which began in 2010, runs until early 2021. In this era of short attention spans, are we … Continue reading

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663 ‘pennies’ for my thoughts

An experiment of nearly 10 years duration has come to an end. The container I was filling only with cents made of the pre-1982 95-percent copper, 5 percent zinc alloy was full. Yesterday, I took it to the bank to … Continue reading

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Lincoln Wheat cents continue to dazzle

Lincoln Wheat cents, one of the most collected coin series, are always popular. What’s been selling well recently? Anything unique or good quality, Charmy Harker, Irvine, Calif., said. Harker, also known as The Penny Lady, pointed to toned Lincoln cents … Continue reading

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Coin collection grows, one country at a time

I call it the family coin collection. It was started 100 years ago by my grandfather who collected Indian Head and Lincoln cents. As a young girl I spent many rainy afternoons searching through his tins of coins and filling … Continue reading

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Wiles releases e-book

Dr. James Wiles announced the release of The Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Book, Vol. 1: 1909-1958 on Nov. 28. Wiles’ new e-book, available in CD-ROM format, contains more than 12,500 high magnification, color, digital photos, including marker photos for 667 … Continue reading

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