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Hidden Gem: Blazing Silver 1943 penny

One morning in April 2018 I went to a nearby store and checked the Coinstar machine to see what I could find. A couple of coins on the floor near the machine got my attention. When I looked into the … Continue reading

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Rare 1943 Lincoln Cent Made of Tin and Other Metals

M. Houston, an unsuspecting collector, found a Lincoln cent on the ground as a child.  He retained this cent in his collection for 50 years or more. He recalls what struck him about the coin was it was silvery-grey in … Continue reading

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That cent could have been mine

Most every collector has daydreamed about finding something like a bronze 1943, 1943-D or 1943-S cent in their change even though they knew the odds were stacked against them. Cents in 1943 were made of steel. The bronze versions are … Continue reading

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