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With great power comes great responsibILTY

Australia released millions of $50 Australian dollars back in October of 2018, 46 million of which are in circulation. They called these dollars “new and improved” in that they had certain technologies to help prevent counterfeiting. What they failed to see in their mission to better the note, however, was a spelling error.

Australian $50 notes

On one side of the note is the writer and inventor, David Unaipon, and on the other is Edith Cowan, Australia’s first female member of Parliament. The error was spotted on the Cowan side in the micro text spelling out her first speech to Parliament.

The text on the note reads as follows: “It is a great responsibilty to be the only woman here…” The word “responsibility” is missing an “i.”

A listener of Australia’s Triple M radio station noticed the error and called in about it. The radio station then put a post up on Instagram of a close-up of the note illustrating the error.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has apologized for the error and says the note can still be used as valid currency.

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