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Value of bank notes? Star at the end of a serial number!

What does this star mean at the end of the serial number?

Oh, these are called by collectors Star Notes.

When a note which has been numbered is damaged in the production process, it is removed, and so as not to have to reset the serial numbers by hand, a pre-printed note, of a totally different serial number is put in its place as a replacement. To distinguish the break in consecutive serial number run, these replacement notes have a star at the end of the serial number sequence, rather than a letter. This has generally been the practice since 1928.

This image is from the recent auction held by Lyn Knight currency auctions. It features a 1963A series pack of 100 star notes. In the original band. Current distribution techniques use a band with alternating white and color in the stripe. 

If the notes are from a series dated since 1980, the condition has to be BRAND NEW, no folds creases or marks for it to have a premium and resale potential. Generally 1.5 times face value for the five dollar and up denominations and about three dollars for the One.

George Cuhaj