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Rocketship set launches near sellout

 The Mint’s new Rocketship set. (Image courtesy

The Mint’s new Rocketship set. (Image courtesy

Sales of the new 2019 Rocketship set from the U.S. Mint have launched a near sellout of the planned 50,000-set availability.

During its first week on sale, 17,825 sets were taken. Second-week totals raise that figure to 46,762.

Due to many youngsters’ fascination with outer space and the mysteries held within, the new set seeks to encourage learning while having fun. Given such strong sales, its appeal seems to have expanded rapidly among Mint customers.

The Rocketship set contains two special coins – a 2019 Kennedy half dollar with an uncirculated finish and a proof finish Native American $1 coin honoring American Indians in the Space Program.

An empty space at the top of the holder allows collectors to insert their favorite quarter to complete the set.

The special holder, shaped like a rocketship, also has a glow-in-the-dark feature after five minutes of exposure to a light source. The holder also has a built-in stand on the back side, so the rocketship can be displayed in an upright position on a desk, dresser, nightstand, or shelf.

Sets retail for $9.95 and can be purchased online at while supplies last.

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