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Reader's Showcase $5 1902 Plain Back

by Peter Huntoon

David Grant, a serious pursuer of neat varieties issued by the largest banks in the country, bought this jewel from the largest issuer of Series of 1902 notes.

NY-New York-29-02PB-$5-B122672 Grant

It has everything wrapped into one note: (1) engraved bank signatures, (2) B-prefix bank sheet serial number—B is the highest possible, and (3) plate letter W6—from the plate with the highest possible letter/number combination and available only from this bank.

To combine all these features in one note required that he find one of the last $5 notes issued by the bank from the 1902 series, and indeed this is exactly what he did. This is the highest recorded serial number for a $5 1902 plain back from the bank.

The last sheet issued was B123785, only 1,113 away! The fact that this note has a pleasing grade is just icing on the cake.

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