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Newly discovered note with 14000-charter number

By Peter Huntoon

Cory Williams, who logs notes into the National Currency Foundation census, alerted me to this newly discovered note with a 14000-charter number from a previously unreported bank. Any time one of these discoveries comes along, it creates excitement.


A very popular pursuit by collectors for as long as I have been around is to obtain a note from all the issuing 14000-charter numbered banks. The notes come only in Series of 1929 type 2 formats. There were 147 such issuing banks.

This Delhi, Louisiana, bank was organized May 29, 1934, and chartered July 18 with a peanuts $25,000 circulation. The bankers got to issue only 1,930 $10s and 330 $20s before the series ran out in early 1935. By that time, only $900 worth of its notes had been redeemed from circulation and replaced.

It is very fortunate that this discovery note is so attractive.

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