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New edition of Bressett reference

Whitman Publishing has released the new 7th edition of the Guide Book of United States Currency, by Kenneth Bressett. The full-color, 352-page softcover book is available online and from booksellers and hobby retailers nationwide. It retails for $19.95.

Cover_ 36623_GB_US_Currency_5th_Ed

Bressett is the former president of the American Numismatic Association and longtime senior editor of A Guide Book of United States Coins.

In the Guide Book of United States Currency, Bressett covers large-size, small-size, and fractional paper money dating from the 1800s to today. He also explores Treasury notes of the War of 1812; World War II issues; uncut Bureau of Engraving and Printing sheets of currency; and valuable errors such as notes with misprints, folding or cutting mistakes, alignment or ink problems, mismatched numbers, and other anomalies. He discusses how to grade your currency, issues of supply and demand, ways to assemble a specialized collection, proper storage, the dangers of counterfeits, and other hobby topics.

The 7th edition has been revised and updated with new pricing and numismatic research.

“The Guide Book of United States Currency has always been popular with beginning and intermediate collectors who want to learn about the hobby and build their collections,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “Longtime collectors and dealers use it for its technical information and market values in multiple grades.”

Q. David Bowers, in the book’s foreword, calls it “an excellent overview and pricing guide for one of the country’s most popular hobbies.”

Features include:

• Illustrations of large-size, small-size, and Fractional Currency notes;
• Listings of every series, arranged by Friedberg number;
• Market prices in up to seven collectible grades;
• Historical background on each series and denomination, from $1 to $10,000;
• Advice on how to collect and store paper money;
• Grading instructions;
• Guidance on detecting counterfeits;
• A glossary of collector terms; and
• Special sections on valuable varieties, uncut sheets, error notes.

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