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Meet another money copier

By Neil Shafer

This image is a faithful copy of one side of the famous “Battleship” $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note of 1918. It was produced by another near-famous money copier, Tim Prusmack.


Tim would come to certain shows and set up his table with a wide array of copies he had prepared, all uniface and very carefully executed.

Perhaps the main difference between the work of money artist J.S.G. Boggs and that of Prusmack would be that while Boggs had some extended fun playing with certain aspects of his work, Tim was somewhat more subtle in his artistic alterations of certain notes.

The numbers 37/250 and Prusmack’s signature adorn the plain back of this beautiful rendition.

Tim would certainly have become more well-known except that he died fairly early in his artistic career, and his work has largely disappeared from the market.

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