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High (Face) Value Bank Notes

Last week the Canadian Mint unveiled their 22-inch pure gold coin with a face value of one million dollars (Canadian, of course), which they sell for about three million (Canadian). They have already nearly ten orders for it in just the first week. That follows by a year the Austrian Mint’s introduction of a gold 100,000 euro coin.

So I’ve been wondering what current high value bank notes are out there for the public. (Not counting inflationary issues).

The winner happens to be Thailand. In 2000, the Royal Bank of Thailand commemorated the King's 50th Wedding Anniversary with a 500,000 Baht face value note to raise money for the King’s Charities. The note features profile portraits of the King and Queen. The size is impressive too, at 126 x 205 mm. Only 1998 pieces were issued. I was unable to secure an immage from the Royal Bank, sorry. For those who did not wish to participate in the nearly $20,000 dollar price tag (The note was sold above face value) the same design was made in a 50 Baht denomination, which comes in a very handsome discriptive folder.

For now…

George ?uhaj

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