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Heritage World Paper Money Auction Preview

As the world opens up more and the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, we are looking forward to some more memorable lots to cross the auction block. We've been looking ahead at Heritage’s June Hong Kong World Paper Money Auction, which will be held June 23. With hundreds of notes to look at, we chose just a few to get an idea of what will be offered at was is sure to be a notable auction. To check out more, visit

Queen Victoria

First is an extremely rare Foochow Issue with a portrait of Queen Victoria engraved on the back. This 1 dollar note from the China Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation was graded PMG Very Fine. This example is the only one of its type to be offered in a public auction. Only printed in small batches, there are no others that feature Queen Victoria.

Mexican Dollars

This PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 Shanghai 5 Mexican Dollars is next on our list. Dated March 1, 1897, this vibrant note from the HSBC creates a window into the busy trading center in Shanghai. The colors and bold signature are all intact and are excellently preserved. This is another rare note as it is the only graded example in remainder format.


This note is a Color Trial Specimen from the Malaysia Bank Negara 1967 Series graded PMG Choice Uncirculated 63. This $1,000 note is from the first Malaysian bank note series. The eye-catching pinks and greens are in amazing condition. The denomination was scarcely used in circulation, and few were saved when high denomination notes were withdrawn, which makes this particular note quite rare.


Last on our list for now is a rare Burmese 100 Rupee note, graded PMG Extremely Fine 40. There are many subtle variations among each denomination in each series of notes produced by the Government of India. The pastel purple and green 100 Rupees of the late 1920s through 1930s features three signature varieties and numerous cities of issue, including the rare Rangoon, in Burma, as issuance was much smaller compared to the larger cities in India. This note features the signature of J.B. Taylor, a portrait of King George V and does not have red overprints.