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Harriet Tubman Bill Delayed Until at Least 2028

As previously mentioned, there were plans to create a $20 bill with the portrait of Harriet Tubman adorning the face by 2020. New developments have occurred, however.

In May, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the design for the $20 Harriet Tubman bill would be delayed due to technical reasons for six years. He also did not confirm that Harriet Tubman would be on the next $20. He stated that any decisions regarding a future design of the $20 bill would be pushed back to 2028. The reasons for a reconsideration of the $20 design in the first place was due to improvements in anti-counterfeiting technology, perhaps this could be because of Australia adding new anti-counterfeiting technology to their bills?

It was Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew who, during the Obama Administration, announced that plans were underway to place Tubman on the $20. Now with a new Treasury Secretary, however, any former plans may have been disbanded. It is uncertain as to whether we will ever see Harriet Tubman on the $20 or anyone else for that matter.