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Harmer to sell part 3 of their American Bank Note Company archive selections

H.R. Harmer, Inc. will present their sale #3 of the American Bank Note Company Archives, June 2-4, 2008 at their offices in Bethel Ct, and via ebay live, where the lots are now listed at this link:

The Sale catalog is 501 pages and is presented with color illustrations throughout. The 1615 or so lots (non-consecutive numbering) are grouped into specific colelcting sections.

Starting the sale are individual lots of Stocks and Bonds. US and World items are offered in the first session, and in the second, more US Stocks and bonds in addition to Vignettes and security printing empheria are presented. This includes some specimens of World War I Liberty Loan material in addition to transportation passes and tickets; Traveler's Check material and bank note test notes.

A special group of tyvek specimens and color trials lead off a major offerings of World Wide Bank Note Specimens, with extensive runs of China.

A wonderful sale featuring some very cool items, check it out.

Sale #2985 H.R. Harmer. 5 Francis J. Clark Circle, Bethel, CT 06801 203-702-8490 or email at