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‘Curious Currency’ tells story of money

On March 12, Whitman Publishing debuted the second edition of Robert D. Leonard Jr.’s Curious Currency: The Story of Money from the Stone Age to the Internet Age.


This book spans through the years, detailing the different currencies used. Leonard comments how “money isn’t limited to coins and paper. It includes a wide range of so-called primitive or traditional currency…”

As well-known numismatic scholar Q. David Bowers illustrates, many numismatists know about “silver dollars, Gold Certificates, colonial coins, and ancient decadrachms…” This book, however, delves into the less traditional methods of currency, informing numismatists that this is money like they’ve “never seen it before.”

Some of the examples Leonard mentions are woodpecker scalps, ostrich shells, playing cards, and iron nails.

This new book also includes modern versions of currency such as PayPal and e-gold along with “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin.

The book includes 200 color photos, references with footnotes, a bibliography, and detailed index. It retails for $16.95 and is available in hobby shops and bookstores nationwide.

Online orders may be placed with the publisher at

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