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‘Chief’ signature set a sure draw

The offering of a complete signature set of 1899 $5 Silver Certificate “Chief” notes, 11 notes in all, is sure to be a highlight of the currency selections in Kagin’s Auctions’ March 9-10 sale in Orlando, Fla.


A complete signature set of the 1899 $5 Silver Certificates is being auctioned.

Kagin’s Auctions is conducting the Official ANA National Money Show Auction at the Orange County Convention Center.

The PMG-graded notes all carry the Gem Uncirculated EPQ designation. Included are the Fr. 271, Lyons/Roberts; Fr. 272, Lyons/Treat; Fr. 273, Vernon/Treat; Fr. 274, Vernon/McClung; Fr. 275, Napier/McClung; Fr. 276, Napier/Thompson; Fr. 277, Parker/Burke; Fr. 278, Teehee/Burke; Fr. 279, Elliot/Burke; Fr. 280m Mule, Elliot/White; and Fr. 281, Speelman/White. They will be sold as provision lots 3190-3200 or as a provision lot of the 11 notes presented as lot 3201.


This note is from a cut sheet of four 1901 $10 Legal Tender Notes.

A cut sheet of four 1901 $10 Legal Tender “Bison” Notes, Fr. 122, will cross the block. Three are graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 and the fourth reached PMG Gem Uncirculated 66.

These will be tendered as a four-note set in Lot 3165 or individually in lots 3161, 3162, 3163 and 3164.


This 1880 $10 Legal Tender Note is graded PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 69 EPQ.

Other leading lots include:

• Colonial, South Carolina, SC-158, Feb. 8, 1779, $90, PMG About Uncirculated 55 EPQ;

• Confederate, T-32, PF-1, $5 PMG Very Fine 30;

• 1929 $10 Type 1, Palatka Atlantic National Bank, Palatka, Fla., Fr. 1801-1, charter 13214, PMG Very Fine 25, serial No. 1;

• 1902 $10 Plain Back, The American National Bank, Tampa, Fla., Fr. 624, charter 7153, PMG Fine 12 Net;

• 1865 $2 Original Series, The First National Bank, Lincoln, Ill., charter 2126, PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ;

• 1880 $10 Legal Tender Note, Fr. 107, PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 69 EPQ.

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