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Check Coin and Currency set's note

The United States Mint enjoys throwing curveballs with the Native American Dollar Coin and Currency sets, the most recent of which went on sale June 16.

The series 2013 $1 Federal Reserve Notes in the 2016 sets come from different Federal Reserve Banks. Notes from at least four districts have been reported.

The 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set.

The 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set.

The past two Coin and Currency sets also have unique qualities.

2015’s set contains $1 notes from the New York Federal Reserve Bank that have serial numbers starting with “911.” The set commemorates Mohawk ironworkers, the theme of the Native American dollar coin included, and their recovery efforts after the Sept. 11 attacks.

When the 2014 set, the first of the Coin and Currency series, was released, collectors discovered the dollar coin inside had an enhanced uncirculated finish. The special finish was not announced prior to the set’s release by the Mint. Buyers jumped on the set once word got out, leading to a quick sellout and premiums on the secondary market.

The 2016 set features a 2016-S enhanced uncirculated Native American dollar coin. The coin honors Native American Code Talkers and their work during World Wars I and II.
Price is $14.95 per set with a household order limit of five.

The new set has a lower mintage limit: 75,000 sets compared to 2015’s 90,000 mintage. However, sales of the 2016 set through June 19 amounted to 24,497 sets. In the first day of sales for the 2015 issue, collectors purchased 44,344 sets.

While the 2015 set is currently listed as unavailable at the Mint, a few sets were made available around June 16. Returns have brought the set back on sale multiple times since its sellout in late 2015.

If you like a special mint set with an affordable price point, check out the set and let us know what Federal Reserve Bank notes you receive.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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