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Can’t get new dollars from your bank

They say news travels fast. It does. This is especially true in the age of the Internet. But as fast as it spreads, it still misses many of its targets.

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I have had multiple inquiries in the last few days regarding whether the new American Innovation dollars will be available in circulation.

The new dollar will not be available in circulation, but that part of the story is something I have apparently not stressed enough.

Getting reader feedback helps me learn where I haven’t provided enough depth.

The American Innovation dollar is a collector-only program. The Mint will sell these coins directly to you. The coins will not be available from the banking system.

I am sure that will disappoint many who would look forward to getting each of the 57 designs for face value.

Instead, they will have to purchase these coins by the 25-coin roll or 100-coin bag and pay the Mint’s price to get them. The first of these new designs became available Dec. 14, 2018.

A 25-coin roll is priced at $32.95. A 100-coin bag is $111.95. These are fairly low prices even after adding shipping charges.

Granted, low prices are still not face value.

Why are these coins not available through banks?

That’s an easy question to answer.

Remember when the circulating Presidential dollar program was suspended in 2011 because too many of them had backed up in Federal Reserve vaults? Big storage bills and the public outcry that went with them terminated any effort by the federal government to circulate a $1 coin.

You can be sure that had the legislation calling for an American Innovation dollar mandated that it be struck for circulation, it never would have been approved by Congress or signed by the President.

A public outcry is no way to begin a new coin program in the minds of our leaders.

So we collectors have to patiently wait. Four designs will be issued in 2019. Four more will come each year through 2032. We must remember to order them all from the Mint.

Unlike the situation this year, next year’s mint and proof sets should include the new dollar coins.

In the meantime, remember to send your $6.95 to the Mint for the 2018 proof. There is no other way to get it. It is the first coin in the set and the only AI dollar to be dated 2018.

Share this news. I need help getting the word out.

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