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2019 PMG Registry Award Winners

On Jan. 21, PMG recognized the 2019 top collectors and collections in the PMG Registry. Three winners were selected in each of the Best U.S. Set, Best World Set, and Best Presented Set categories. In addition, they named one winner in the Overall Achievement in the Collecting category. Winners in these major PMG Registry award categories receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their PMG Registry set and a $500 PMG grading credit. To learn more about the free PMG Registry, visit


Overall Achievement in Collecting


The 2019 Overall Achievement Award goes to MKMITTAL79. With a universal approach to the PMG Registry, MKMITTAL has sets in all available U.S. categories and has expanded into 60 countries across the globe. MKMITTAL has accumulated over 140 total sets and is ranked in the top three in 84 sets. Of those 84, 39 are ranked #1. Sitting in at #4 in the overall rankings, MKMITTAL is now one of four to have eclipsed the 1 million point mark. MKMITTAL also joins a class of collectors who have over 1,000 notes in the registry. Also, MKMITTAL leads the top class of collectors with an average of 900+ points per note. Additionally, 87 percent of the sets feature images and 100 percent include descriptions.

Best U.S. Sets

Thunderboltgiantpandax - Disney Dollars Complete Set 1987-2014

From Disneyland to Cinderella's Castle, the wonderful world of Disney is on display in the PMG Registry. Holding one of the top U.S. sets from 2019, Thunderboltgiantpandax has taken flight with Peter Pan and company and risen to the top of PMG's Disney Dollar Complete Set category with nearly 100,000 points. Every single note featured in the collection has a grade ranging from 65-EPQ to 68-EPQ, with only 5 percent remaining for a complete set.

High Denom Stars - Small Size $50 Star Set

In the set type of $50 Federal Reserve Note – District Set with Stars and Varieties, High Denom Stars has been working toward a complete set of stars. The effort is all in for replacements and, with only a few remaining, this set is one to admire. This set is nearly 40 percent complete and has only star notes. This equates to nearly 80 percent complete for star notes, a tall task when collecting a high denomination such as the $50 featuring Ulysses S. Grant.

Bullmaximus - Consolidated Confederate Collection

In the Confederate States of America – Complete Type Set category, Bullmaximus compiled one of the registry's nicest collections. This set is 95 percent complete, only missing the extremely rare T-1, T-2, and T-35 notes. The group of Confederate notes includes images for all to see.

Surpassing past winners and establishing himself as the leader, Bullmaximus now has a winning margin of 10,000+ points.

Best World Sets

Kenneth Carnahan - Bank of Canada, With Replacements 1935-Date, BC1-Date

Canada has seen many areas gain strength, and one area in particular that has been competitive in the registry is the Bank of Canada 1935-Date.

Kenneth Carnahan has been hard at work compiling issued and replacement notes for the Bank of Canada collection with replacements. Included in the set are the rare and sought-after 1935 series $20 and $25, each graded VF-25. Also included are a $2 and $5 from 1935 respectively graded VF-30 and VF-35 EPQ. This set stands alone among Bank of Canada collectors and registry competitors alike.

Kenneth Carnahan is taking the category to new levels, and 2020 should produce a lot of activity among collectors as a result.

Thomas Parke D'Invilliers - Fitzgerald's Post First Series CNY – Main Set

The first place to look is the 1953 10 Yuan note. Thomas' example is an astounding 65-EPQ. A top-population note and one of the most challenging grades in any category, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Every other note is graded at 67-EPQ and higher with 38 graded 69-EPQ With 75 percent of the set completed, many of these notes have images.

Steve Desouza - India Complete, 1917-Date, P1-Date

Another active and demanding area of collecting found in the PMG World Registry is India. With many issues gaining steam in the market and collecting community, it is easy to see why so many collectors are becoming interested and entering the PMG World Registry. The increasing competitiveness is on display in the category of India Complete, 1917-Date, P1-Date, and this year Steve Desouza separated himself from the group by completing 96 percent of the set.

This effort gives Steve nearly 75,000 points and a lead going into the 2020 season. With a hot market and increasing activity, look for Steve Desouza to continue to make his mark in the PMG World Registry.

Best Presented Sets

Ian Yan - People's Bank of China, People's Republic, 1953-Date, P860-Date, Complete

Another set that gained some attention both in the PMG World Registry and categories in China was Ian Yan's People's Bank of China People's Republic, 1953-Date, P860-Date, Complete set. This set ranks third in a highly competitive category with many notes graded 68 and 69. And with a 1960 5 Yuan graded 69-EPQ★, it is clear Ian is after high-quality notes. This set combines quality with presentation and includes over 50 images and descriptions, taking full advantage of the PMG Registry's features.

RedWolfWhiteEagle - Japan Complete, 1872-Date, P1-Date

Banknotes from Asia have a rich history and are some of the most desirable items in currency collecting today. The PMG World Registry has seen some fantastic groups and displays, and this year RedWolfWhiteEagle joins the class with the Japan Complete, 1872-Date, P1-Date set.

Receiving one of our Best Presented Sets awards, this is a set of 40 beautiful Japanese notes with images and extensive descriptions for collectors to enjoy. The set also ranks second in the category, with most grades Superb Gem and 67-EPQ and higher.

Fadi Dalileh - UAE Complete, Including Varieties, 1973-Date, P1-Date

In an increasingly popular category, Fadi Dalileh shows collecting passion with a set that includes over 60 images and descriptions. With 75 percent of the notes grading superb gem and higher, the set also sits in second place competitively for the category. As the United Arab Emirates continues to grow, so will the competition. Look for Fadi Dalileh to lead the charge in 2020.

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