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1974 $1 Off-Center Pair

By Peter Huntoon

Here is a misprint situation that I thoroughly enjoy seeing. The two notes with severely off-center overprints are from the same sheet. Fred Bart offered one on eBay that was uncirculated from the G3 plate position. Bob Liddell had the other in his collection from the C4 position with the best part for me being that his was circulated.


Liddell’s note caught parts of four different serial numbers, two of which are almost complete, whereas Bart’s caught two partials. Once the individual notes were packaged at the BEP, they quickly started to go their separate ways to who knows where in the country. People find them, maybe a teller in the case of Bart’s note, just about anybody off the street in Liddell’s case. Then the notes find their way to our market and improbably find themselves mated as here.

Potentially, there were 30 more out there, so I wonder how many have found their way into collections rather than circulating to oblivion. Of course, there is a chance that several were caught at the BEP. Whatever happened to this sheet might have caused a wadded-up mess somewhere in the sheet, which should have been easy to spot during the final inspection. Thanks to Bob Liddell for providing these photos.