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Texas holds show despite floods

Flooding of biblical proportions in parts of the state did not prevent the Texas Numismatic Association from holding its show May 29-31 at the Arlington Convention Center just outside Dallas.

Robert McIntire said

Robert McIntire said he sold a few Confederate notes at the TNA show.

Some attendees at the convention hotel even received flash flood warnings via their cell phones during the event, but all was safe and dry at the show.

Robert McIntire said his sales there covered a wide gamut of numismatic items.

Generally, he said he had sold some foreign currency, a few Confederate notes and odds and ends in the world coin field including silver crowns and half crowns.

He was more specific about the U.S. items that were moving.

“I sold a Mercury dime, MS-67 1945-S, for $250. I sold a Roosevelt dime, an MS-66, which is a $150 coin.”

He couldn’t remember the date of the Roosevelt dime off the top of his head, but it was a quality coin in a market that demands quality.

He also shared recent results at his shop in Jacksonville, Ark.

“A month ago we were inundated buying modern collections of material. I’ve got probably another month’s worth of cataloging of what I have bought sitting on the shelf waiting for me.”

This material includes, “non-silver proof sets, commemoratives, stuff that’s not selling right now except to the wholesalers who are dealing with Internet selling.”

He said the individuals who have been selling off this material to McIntire are retiring from the hobby. He said he was seeing a lot of Washington quarters, Walking Liberty half dollars and Mercury dimes as they cashed in their silver.

He hoped new collectors will someday enter the market.

At the moment, McIntire said, “we don’t have a new generation of collectors out there and building sets.”

Gus Tiso said

Gus Tiso said better silver dollars were in demand at the show.

Gus Tiso of Salisbury, Md., said, “Business since April has been kind of slow.” He blamed tax season. “This show was fine,” he said. He cited better silver dollars as being in demand and showed an MS-65 1934-S Peace dollar.

At the CVM/Frisco Mint table, the early American copper coins were on full display.

“We’ve done well at the show,” said Lucas Baldridge. “It hasn’t been extremely busy, though.

He is working with Travis Hollon for his uncle, Chris McCauley, putting lots on eBay. He estimated that in the year and a half he has been doing it, the online portion has grown to 20 percent of the business.

“Yesterday was a good day,” said Jackie Armstong who operates Jackie’s Coins in San Antonio, Texas.

He said buyers were looking for a little bit of everything.

World paper money dealer David Cieniewicz, a regular who was in from Alabama, said, “The show is really well managed and well run. However, this year things were a little slow due to the weather.”

The market for world notes is still strong, he said.

Rick Beale of 900 Fine Coins of Austin, Texas, said, “At this show, it is off relative to other TNA shows due to the weather.

That is probably not surprising given the scope of the flooding, but like a Broadway play, the show went on in Texas and those who made it there had a memorable time.

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