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Silver dollars open Legend sale

Silver dollars will open a two-day, 855-lot Legend Rare Coin Auction Regency sale May 16-17.


It is the official auction for the May 2018 PCGS Member’s Show at Harrah’s in New Orleans.

“Silver Dollar Day” will be anchored by the P.F.M. Collection of Morgan dollars and the Crow River Peace Dollar Collection, according to the firm. Selections from the Aurora Borealis Collection serves as the backbone to the event’s toned dollar section.

“The P.F.M. Collection is the current No. 6 set on the PCGS Registry, and features many exceptional gem quality coins,” said Julie Abrams, the firm’s president.

“The Crow River Collection was assembled by the same collector who put together the record-shattering set of $10 Indians that Legend Auctions sold last October,” Abrams said.

The second day of the sale runs from early copper to gold and patterns.

Gold coins make up a great portion of the sale. A complete set of Classic Head quarter eagles, the Oak Crest Collection of Carson City Half Eagles, and individual high-grade and rare-date gold coins broaden the depth of the offering, including a decent selection of early half eagles.

“Whether you collect early type coins, 19th century proofs, rare-date gold, or neat pattern coins, there is a wide range of coins at all price points,” said Greg Cohen, Senior Numismatist of Legend Auctions. “Collectors will have, in some cases, once-in-a-decade (or more) opportunities to acquire great coins for their cabinets.”

For more information, go to the firm’s website at

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