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RCNA 2020 Convention Canceled

It’s a challenging time for coin shows and conventions everywhere because of the coronavirus. On May 21, our editorial offices received an official statement regarding the cancelation of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association’s 2020 Convention that was set for July 20.

In their statement, the RCNA says, “Our thoughts are with each of you in our collector society, your families, your clubs and their members, and your broader communities. We wish each of you the best, and optimistically hope that this will pass safely for all of us in due course.

It is with sadness that we must announce that The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association’s 2020 annual convention, planned for July in Halifax, has been canceled. We must look first to the health and safety of our collector family, and it does not appear to us that we can hold our 2020 convention in July and uphold that obligation, which has to remain our foremost consideration. Your Executive would have announced this decision earlier, but the hotel at which our convention was to be held took the position that we must wait until two months before the planned start of our convention to determine if the convention could still be held, based on what was known at that date (May 20).”

Despite the cancelation, they are still selling their annual convention medals in silver, copper, and nickel in very limited mintages. Those who are interested should also contact the Executive Secretary.

For those who already registered, the RCNA encourages them to contact the Executive Secretary for a full refund at “ or by phone at (647) 401-4014.