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Operation Bernhard participant attends MPC Fest

It was great to attend FEST 10 in Port Clinton, Ohio, last weekend.

The Fest is the place for folks interested (or not) in the finances behind war - WW I or WWII or other conflicts. Bonds, Chits and war experiences are all on the table, as are the paperwork leading up and following the events.

Fest Notes.JPG

There are pay books and notes issued and need to be used to buy stuff at the PX, or folks trade for special numbers and star notes.

I attended my First three years ago in Fest 7, and at that time we got to hear from Bob who was a survivor of the USS Indianapolis sinking and sea rescue after a few days of abandonment.


This year was Fest 10, certainly the highlight was hearing from Hans, one of three remaining Operation Bernhard participants. It was facinating to hear from someone actually connected to the events which interest paper money collectors greatly, as well as a very sinister program of the Nazis during WWII - the mass counterfeiting of Bank of England white notes of 5-10-20 and 50 pound denominations. Near the end of the war they would try to do US $100s, but they did not get done and out. The recent movie The Counterfeiters is very loosly based on this plan. The recent book Kruegers Men is slightly more informative.

Thanks to Fred Schwan, Roger Ucre, Larry "39" Ski, The Red Cross Donut Ladies, the Red Light ladies and attending festers for a very nice time.

If you are even the least bit interested in Military related numismatics attend the MPC course during ANA Summer Seminar, and keep a lookout for the dates of Fest 11.