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March of Dimes set sells out

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For a few days it was a nail-biter, but on May 12 74,664 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets had sold after being first offered starting May 4. It was for all purposes a sellout.

In eight days this three-coin set sold out.

In eight days the three-coin set sold out shortly after the household limit was released.

The U.S. Mint website said the set was currently unavailable. The explanatory message read, “We are currently out of this item, but more may be available later. Provide your email using the ‘REMIND ME’ button and we will let you know when we are taking orders again.”

On the morning of May 12 the Mint had announced that the number of sets sold stood at 71,114 and the household order limit of 5 sets was being eliminated.

Three hours later the “currently unavailable” notation went up on the Mint website.
However, due to order cancellations and returns, the Mint could end up with some additional sets to offer collectors.

This was done at the end of 2014 when a few of the cupped baseball commemorative silver dollars went back on sale after having sold out in the prior spring.

Price of the March of Dimes set was $61.95.

Buying this three-coin set was the only way collectors could acquire the 2015-P reverse proof silver Roosevelt dime and the regular proof 2015-W silver Roosevelt dime. The set also includes a standard West Point proof March of Dimes commemorative silver dollar.

Collectors who contacted Numismatic News reported generally positive experiences with the set offer.

Roy Marques emailed May 13, “My three sets arrived today – As usual, outstanding looking sets and great packaging. This one is a winner in my opinion. The Philadelphia dime is unusual in the amount of shine from the reverse proofing. Overwhelms the eye seeing the majority of the dime is in reverse, unlike the West Point one, which is normal.”

Charles Sullivan of Gaithersburg, Md., was upbeat about his May 4 order.

He wrote, “logged on to the U.S. Mint website at 12 noon today to order March of Dimes sets. My order was completed by 12:03 and I received an email confirmation by 12:06. Amazon can’t top that performance!”

The latest Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues is now available.

The latest Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues is now available.

Tubac, Ariz., collector Bill Graney wrote, “I thought you might enjoy reading the following experience I had today (May 4). I went on line today to order the March of Dimes Silver Set .... I placed my order at 9:01 (Mountain Time) and received confirmation of the order at 9:02. Way to go U.S. Mint. Thanks.”

John Schemmel of Jackson, Miss., was pleased with the speed of delivery.

He wrote, “A-plus for the U.S Mint. I ordered the new Roosevelt set, dimes and dollars, on May 4th at noon. They were delivered to me at 1 p.m. on May 6th.”

Not all comments were bouquets for the Mint.

One message communicated through the website said, “I’ve heard from several people that the quality of this set is awful. ... Milk spots, fingerprints and just poor quality. Have only seen one set myself and it was terrible.”

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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