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CCAC meeting at ANA Summer Seminar

The ANA Summer Seminar was host to a meeting of the CCAC.

The session was split into two parts. The CCAC Chairman introducted the CCAC members and spoke about the constraits within which the committee functions as advisors to the secretary of the treasury.

The second part of the meeting saw the committee in action. They needed to review the submissions of designs for the Edmund Moy medal (each director of the mint gets one!) as well as the silver dollar commemorating the 2010 centennial of the Boy Scouts of America. This part of the meeting lasted well over two and a half hours as the committee members offered opinions, suggested modifications, and then voted on selections.

The committee also took comments from some of the 65 plus public attendees, mostly focusing on the Boy Scout dollar designs,for which about 17 designs were offered for the obverse and five for the reverse.