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Carson City Coin Collectors attend regional meet

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Twenty-six members of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America attended the club’s 2014 regional meeting in Carson City on Aug. 22 at the Carson Nugget Casino. The event was held in conjunction with the Nevada State Museum’s coin show.

Meeting highlights included a show-and-tell session where members shared stories about items they presented to the group, as well as mini-lectures and a club auction.

C4OA President Rusty Goe gives life member Mark Archambault a club service award plaque for spearheading the 2014 regional meeting.

C4OA President Rusty Goe gives life member Mark Archambault a club service award plaque for spearheading the 2014 regional meeting.

Event coordinator Mark Archambault, New Hampshire, welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced club President Rusty Goe, who expressed his appreciation to the members who have consistently submitted articles and letters to the editor to the club’s journal, Curry’s Chronicle.

“Since the club was founded in 2005, Curry’s Chronicle has published 306 articles covering at least 38 different topics, all related to the Carson City Mint or its coins, over the span of 32 award-winning issues,” Coe said.

He encouraged everyone to continue to submit content so that the journal will leave a lasting legacy to future generations of Carson City coin enthusiasts.

Life member Michael Parrott shared his excitement about receiving credit for articles he’s submitted to Curry’s Chronicle in national trade publications. Parrott also detailed the editing process that goes into preparing submitted articles. He compared the process to how record producer George Martin took songs composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and turned them into hot-selling hits on Beatles’ albums.

Other members spoke about favorite items in their collections and passed those items around for all to view. Tony Arnold passed around his 1872-CC $10 gold piece graded XF-45, and proudly announced that this was the 102nd coin he acquired for the 111-piece set of “CC” coins he’s building. Mike Wagner showed everyone the 1890-CC Tail Bar Morgan dollar he found that is pedigreed to the Lincoln Fitzgerald collection. One member dazzled everyone with his presentation of an 1876-CC 20-cent piece, which is pedigreed to the E. A. Carson collection from 1976.

Bill Dunn from California surprised everyone with gifts of a blue baseball cap or visor with C4OA embroidered on the front.

Much to the enjoyment of the attendees, Goe also sang a song that he wrote called “That’s Our Carson Mint,” using the melody from “That’s Entertainment.”

Special thanks were given to Archambault for spearheading the regional meeting from his home nearly 3,000 miles away. Goe presented him with a plaque.

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