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ANA's Summer Seminar Week 2 winds down

Well, it is the final day of classes for the 41st Annual ANA Summer Seminar. This is only the second time I have spent the full two weeks here, (but on other occassions I have been an instructor for one week).

Each of the two weeks have a different flavor, as about 85 percent of the participants and instructors change out.

This week's YN auction was nearly twice the size as that of week one, and it raised nearly $30,000, bringing the two week auction total to just over $50,000, a new all-time high.

The registration was also up, in a year which tuition was raised.

What does that say?

Well, collectors appreciate what the summer program is about, and are willing to pay for it !

YNs lead sessions for adults on what they want to see in a YN club or show program. Experts offereded classes ranging from grading and photography to Early American Medals, Mexican Coinage and the recent wave of deceptive forgeries originating in China.

The current ANA president and three current governors are here, as well as two governors'-elect. It is nice to have them join you at lunch or dinner and talk shop. Same with the ANA staff, which have worked long hours these two weeks, over weekends and holidays.

This is a wonderful experience and a great benifit of ANA membership, put it on your bucket list!