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ANA Summer Seminar week one in full swing

The American Numismatic Associations Summer Seminar week one is in full swing. Starting Sunday Afternoon over 160 participants and instructors gathered for the first week on classes. Topics of classes range from grading US Coins, Digital photography and Counterfeit detection to Roman and Greek Coins.

George is part of a two-man operation called the Badger Mint. We are demonstrating the coining process with a hand striking set up as in Ancient times, to 19th century screw press operation, with a rolling mill and a press for planchet making from the rolled out strip. For more information and photos see our FaceBook page.

The ANA Library has a great book sale of triplicates, and tonight Mr. Moy, the director of the U.S. Mint will be in attendance with members of the Citizens Coin Advisory Committee, and will be discussing new designs.

Temps in the low 80s, short afternoon thunderstorm cools things off for a pleasant evening.