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Dr. Eugene Bruder Numismatist

Dr. Eugene Bruder Numismatist services include buying, selling and trading US and World coins, medals, currency and stamps. They deal in both certified and raw items. They can also do estate and insurance appraisals.

"My philosophy is to sell you a collectible that I would be happy to get back at a later time in trade or to purchase again. I search through many coins to buy the ones that I find appealing and hope you do to! I am doing this business because it is a passion of mine and I enjoy seeing my customer's faces light up when they find the special thing they are looking for."

P.O. Box 22920
Lincoln, NE 68542-2920
Phone 402-475-0350

Categories: US Coins: Other US Coins, US Paper Money: Other US Paper Money, World & Ancient Coins: Canada