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Certified Enterprises LLC

Certified Enterprises LLC specializes in Mint Cancelled coins and also carries a variety of collectible coins in silver and gold, and has Gold Nuggets recovered from the shipwreck S.S. Central America.
$1 Susan B Anthony PCGS slab front

We carry the hottest coin collectible-certified direct from the US Mint and it can be yours! They are UNIQUE and AFFORDABLE! They are the talk of the coin world! Waffle cancelled coins (also known as Mint Cancelled Coins) are the result of coins minted incorrectly and found to be unfit for circulation by the US Mint. You now have a chance to take advantage of the Mint’s mistake and own some of this limited edition of Waffle coins.

PO Box 6372
Bridgewater, NJ, 08807
Tel: 877-923-3533
Fax: 908-725-2600

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