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Annapolis Coin Exchange

For over 15 years, Annapolis Coin Exchange has been buying rare coins, stamps, sterling silver and gold/silver bars.

With precious metals prices at historic highs, now is an excellent time to sell. Whether you inherited a coin collection, or carefully assembled a fine coin collection over your lifetime, bring it in for our high offer. We are buying rare coins, sterling silver, gold & silver bars, old gold jewelry, platinum & palladium, and rare stamps. Look through your home, your jewelry box, or your safe deposit box and bring in those items you no longer want for our high offer. Cash-in your unwanted valuables at the Coin Exchange.

We have been in Annapolis for 15 years… we are not a traveling “out of town” company. We pay top prices on the spot. You will be pleased!

45 Old Solomons Island Rd. #106Annapolis, MD, 21401

Tel: 410-266-2530 Fax: 410-266-9869

Categories: World & Ancient Coins: Bullion, US Coins: Dollars, Rare