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Alaska Coin Exchange

I offer a wide variety of United States and Foreign coins in all grades and all price ranges, beginner to advanced.

Although I do carry lots of different coins, my specialty is U.S. Proof coins of the 1817 through 1916 era. These classic Proofs offer beauty and scarcity at very affordable prices. This is an under-appreciated area of numismatics in which you will never find a mintage of over 7,000 pieces. Whatever your specialty is, let me help you to build a meaningful collection that you will be proud to own!

Look around and see what I have to offer. Just follow the links above! I have subdivided my inventory down into smaller sections so that the pages will load in a timely manner. There are over 7,000 items listed, and scanned images are provided for many of the items. When you see an image, that is the exact coin you will receive.

Mailing address: (no retail storefront)

Alaska Coin Exchange
600 West 76th Ave. Unit 305
Anchorage, AK 99518-2566