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Rare pieces cut a path ahead for coins

Recent headlines suggest there are a significant number of truly rare collectible coins beginning to enter the market. These coins have not been available for years.

CMAG 0501

While the value of many of these attractive and historically choice coins is likely beyond the means of most readers, it is interesting to take note of their sudden availability.

Their arrival on the market is important, since one of the reasons fresh material has not been plentiful has been the uncertainties of the collecting market. Owners would rather not face uncertainty. They wait until they are fairly sure they will get the total value out of their heirloom pieces.

While the jury will be out for some time regarding whether these special coins will realize the prices their owners might desire, it does suggest the owners of coins that are held in strong hands may believe the market is finally ready to absorb them at strong prices. That is good news for everybody. Confidence in the marketplace is necessary to build a rising trend line.

It is important to note as well that these coins are appearing in high-profile auctions and not over the counter. This reinforces the impression that auctions are the best means of selling any numismatic item.

One question yet to be answered is whether buyers will be dealers looking for inventory or top-shelf coin collectors. Let’s watch as this drama unfolds.

The balance of the scarce to rare market segment is currently flat lined, while any coin whose primary value is based on its precious metal content has once again declined, although modestly, as gold and silver failed to rally despite recent stock and bond market uncertainty.

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