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North American Coins & Prices Value Pack

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North American coins are fun and easy to collect - but rarely are they displayed in an organized manner. Most people have coins tucked away in jars, containers, drawers, cups, and in between their couch cushions. We've put together a one-of-a-kind collection to help you organize and display your well-loved and treasured North American coins. The 2015 North American Coins & Prices book will help you determine the real value of each coin, and the 5 unique coin folders will provide the perfect storage AND display. You don't want to miss this incredible collection! You save a total of 26% when you buy this exclusive bundle - that's a savings of almost $13! Order your collection while supplies last!


North American Coins & Prices
The 2015 North American Coins & Prices is the perfect all-in-one guide for the coin collector, dealer and enthusiast. This book is packed with images, current pricing and detailed descriptions for coins issued by the United States, Canada and Mexico. David Harper has compiled complete listings in an easy to read format. With over 50,000 individual coin listings and updated coin prices, this is a guide not to be missed.

National Parks Coin Collector's Folder
Are you ready to take your coin collecting to new places? How about taking your collecting on a scenic tour of America's most breathtaking and revered national parks courtesy of this new "America the Beautiful" National Parks Collector's coin folder. This affordable and durable 3-panel folder contains 60 slots - more than most folders - to house all of the National Parks quarters. Plus, there is a slot each for the Denver and Philadelphia coin fronts. From Hot Springs National Park to Tall Grass National Park you'll have a stunning showcase for your quarters, along with geographic details and historical anecdotes about each national site featured, as well as key coin specifications.

Roosevelt Dime 1965-2009 Collector's Folder
Aptly named for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Roosevelt dime is symbolic of his crusade to raise money for polio research by urging the public to show their support by sending in dimes. The organization it supported became known as the March of Dimes. This top-quality coin folder features this story and provides a beautiful showcase for yourdimes. Larger than the average coin folder, it features three panels, with 90 die-cut dime openings, more than any other folder.

Jefferson Nickels 1970-2015 Collector's Folder
Coin folders have a long, distinguished legacy as being most people's first exposure to the coin collecting hobby. Everyone either has or knows someone who has been given a coin folder as a child and gone on to fill it with cents, nickels, dimes or quarters. This is a perfect low-cost purchase for parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles looking to engage children in the hobby of coin collecting.

Lincoln Cent 1909-1958 Collector's Folder
To do its part in the war effort, the U.S. Mint changed from a copper cent to a zinc-coated steel version for one year, in 1943. Rumor quickly spread that anyone who found a 1943 copper cent would be rewarded with a car from Ford. Now you can display your collection of the legendary Lincoln cents of 1909 to 1958 in this beautiful four-panel coin folder. Larger in size than the average folder, this unit has room for 144 coins, the most of any similar folder.

Canadian Cents 1920-2012 Collector's Folder
House your entire Canadian small cent collection in one folder. This folder's large format holds all the small cents issued since 1920 - while the competitor's smaller size requires two folders for the same date range.

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