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Lower values push participation down

Despite the television advertising claims of one bullion coin dealer, there are plenty of silver American Eagle coins to be had. Simultaneously, the overall business of coins remains slow, with more minus than plus signs being posted for retail values.


Presently in the marketplace, we have seen a decline in the number of active collectors, as well as a noticeable absence of investors.

Coin collecting is not alone. All collectibles are currently out of vogue. Alarm bells need not sound – tastes change continuously. Interest in collectibles will return.

In the meantime, active coin collectors should take advantage of current price levels, which are unlikely to last. At the time this commentary is being written, it appears gold may once more test the $1,300 an ounce level, while silver bullion and silver (including all but scarce to rare) coins remain in a bear market, trading within a tight range. One pricing publication editorialized that other pricing sources are part of the problem, since they won’t project optimistic values for coins that haven’t been traded publicly in some time. This appears to be sour grapes.

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