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Key date list would prove useful

Is there a book that lists all the U.S coin key dates?


There are a number of websites that list key date coins exclusively. Coin Market at a Glance in Numismatic News lists key date coins once a month. Coin books list the key dates within their series and the common ones as well. The books you seek that list these important coins exclusively are 100 Greatest U.S. Coins by Jeff Garrett and Scott Schecter (earlier editions by Garrett with Ron Guth), and Top Collectible United States Coins: Top 100 by Alex Trost and Vadim Kravetsky.

How can I prove I have a long-term capital loss from the sale of my coin?

Keep careful records of your purchases as well as your sales. Any coin you have owned for more than a year is considered to be long-term, just as with any other investments. Coins are treated as collectibles at a different tax rate than stocks.

What about if what I am selling is an accumulation of silver coins I gathered from circulation?

If you are the one who saved the coins. you know the cost is face value. The difference between what you sold them for and face value is the profit. The IRS is not likely to quibble with a date range from the 1960s rather than a specific date. Since you have no documentation on when these coins were acquired only the person who prepares your taxes can address your issue specifically. If you inherited the coins and taxes were paid you can date the accumulation. Otherwise, you may need to get clarification from the IRS.

What triggered the government’s interest in circulating state quarters?

Someone wrote a letter to Bill Clinton when he became President explaining seigniorage profit, the difference between the cost of producing a coin and the face value of that coin, suggesting circulating commemoratives would be a good idea. I can’t prove this was the trigger, but I did get an automated thank you letter for my suggestion.

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