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Joining ANA a personal decision

If Beyonce said join the American Numismatic Association, would you? How about Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood?


I cannot think of a single celebrity who could promote ANA membership in an effective way.

I have nothing against stars or star power. However, my thinking is simply a reflection of who coin collectors are. We don’t join things because celebrities tell us to. We like to make our own decisions. We like to be asked – personally.

That is why it is so important that coin companies and individuals step up to the plate and encourage their clients and their friends to take the big step and join America’s numismatic team headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The latest company to give ANA membership a push is California’s Rare Coin Wholesalers.

Until the end of the year, it will give a free copy of the latest edition of the award-winning book, “100 Greatest U.S. Coins,” to anyone who submits an ANA new member or membership renewal through the firm.

Rare Coin Wholesalers should be commended. I expect ANA members make better clients. If it interests you, see

The personal touch with memberships is also important. Former ANA president John Jay Pittman, 1971-1973, was known for his tireless promotion of memberships among collectors he met.

Currently John and Nancy Wilson have taken it as their personal mission to persuade people to join. John is a past president as well. Nancy served on the board of governors.

Together they man a table at major shows. Year in and year out, the result has been that they recruit the most members. They have been so effective that the ANA has named its top membership recruitment award after them.

It is an honor that is well deserved. However, it is also a testimonial to how effective personal contact is in the process of increasing membership. It is a powerful influence to have people like John and Nancy pointing out the many advantages of joining the ANA.

They do it one person at a time, one new member at a time.

Technology might change this someday. ANA has high hopes for its website. If you look at it today, you can see why. It is impressive. You can find it at

I have been a member of ANA for 38 years. I have been a life member for 28 of those years. Obviously, I think it is a group well worth joining. Many people ask me why they should join. For me, the answer is simple. I like to be among active coin collectors. That is why I like being an ANA member. The members I have met are active and a great bunch of people.

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