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Confederate States Paper Money, 12th Edition

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Confederate States Paper Money, 12th Edition

Confederate States Paper Money, 12th Edition

The complete guide to both Confederate States and Southern States issues of America paper money during the Civil War (1861-1865), and the Reconstruction period, fully illustrated and reflecting today’s market values. The first new edition in 3 years, this is a quick and thorough reference that would appeal to the beginner or expert, collector, dealer or investor.


  • High quality color images
  • Clear and concise presentation of information
  • Designed to be easily carried
  • Prices in up to 6 grades
  • Data on uncut sheets, advertising notes, errors and facsimile notes distributed for decades from gift shops (we receive many calls about these)
  • Fascinating historical insights

About the Author:

George Cuhaj is an experienced and accomplished numismatist and researcher. George is a collector with a passion for this hobby, as well as several others. George, a former cataloger for both Stack's Auction House in New York and the American Numismatic Society offers a wealth of knowledge to the KP line. George continues to develop his network of over 175 dedicated contributors.

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