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Mint Statistics: Unc. Gold with New Design Debuts

Image courtesy United States Mint.

Image courtesy United States Mint.

It was a relatively quiet week on the new product front. Just a single coin became available to collectors, but it was a much-anticipated one: the 2021 uncirculated 1-ounce gold American Eagle with the new design.

The U.S. Mint’s latest sales report tracks the coin’s first four days of sales, from its release date of Oct. 7 through Oct. 10. It reports total sales of 8,938. One would assume it has sold out since its mintage is set at 9,100, but the product is shown as available on the Mint’s website at the time of writing.

A big mover this week is the 2021 proof set. It jumped by 9,822 from last week for a total of 369,589.

The 2021 uncirculated set is still in an adjustment period, with its current sales total of 153,269 reflecting a decrease of 626 since last week.

On the bullion front, we see a few incremental increases posted. One-ounce gold Buffalo coins are up 20,000 for the month of October, bringing its year-to-date total to 292,000. As for bullion American Eagles, the 1/4-ounce gold is on the board for the month with a total of 4,000. There is no change in bullion silver Eagles this week.

While just a handful of new products remain for 2021, we will be keeping our eye on sales totals as the holiday shopping season approaches.