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Mint Statistics: Unc. Gold, Mankiller Quarter Debut

Image courtesy United States Mint.

Image courtesy United States Mint.

Two new U.S. Mint products have taken the stage since last week’s report. The 2022-W 1-ounce uncirculated gold American Eagle coin became available June 14, and bags and rolls of the American Women quarter for Wilma Mankiller were released June 16.

After almost a full week of availability, the unc. gold Eagle has reached a sales total of 5,326.

After four days of sales for the Mankiller quarters, we see the following totals: 1,800 each for the “P” and “D” options of the 100-coin bags, 5,880 for the “P” and “D” two-roll set, and 7,567 for the “P,” “D” and “S” three-roll set.

The next available products to keep an eye out for will be the 2022 silver proof set on June 23, bags and rolls of the American Innovation dollar for the state of Kentucky on June 28 and the 2022 uncirculated set on July 12. A busy summer, indeed!

In the bullion coin arena, all is still quiet. No June sales numbers have been reported for gold bullion Buffaloes or gold and silver American Eagles as this report is being compiled on June 22. We expect these numbers to be updated by our next report.