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Tone of the Current Coin Market is Optimistic


The threat of a war with Iran, the Federal Reserve Bank considering lowering interest rates at its next meeting, and gold; the metal which has been quietly appreciating modestly suddenly took off as the US dollar dropped in exchange rate value on the world market.

This in turn impacted gold bullion and collectible gold coins. Silver followed the spot price of the yellow metal, although not as dramatically. The ratio between gold and silver continues to expand, this perhaps being of future concern. Once again, however, with silver above its resistance level of $15 an ounce its price is impacting bullion and collectible coins.

Dealers continue to be cautious, mostly leaving buying prices alone, while raising the sales price of intrinsic value impacted coins as according to the market.

Scarce to rare coins have been holding their value nicely, but now appear to finally have an opportunity for significant increases as the business of coins looks ahead to see if this may usher in the investor sector of the market that has been absent for some time.

The spot price of gold and silver bullion may back off once again, but it looks like many of the recent gains may stick. The tone of the current coin market is optimistic just at the right moment, since we are in what is typically considered to be the summer slowdown prior to the August American Numismatic Association convention.