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The Mint Has Been Busy with New Products

In reviewing the numbers for this week’s report, one obvious thing that stood out was the volume of new products the Mint put out since our report in last week’s paper – six to be exact.First in the report is the James Monroe silver presidential medal with sales of 7,723.Two American Liberty products were released, including the gold one-ounce coin, which sold 4,948 and the 2.5-ounce silver medal which sold 15,882.The 2018 American Innovation $1 reverse proof delivered sales of 71,184 thus far.The Mint also debuted their new 2019 ornaments, the Mighty Minters™ and the 2019 United States Mint Ornament.These sold 2,123 and 3,004, respectively.

It’s also interesting to compare the sales of the 2018 and 2019 proof sets to see where the 2019 sets stack up with the 2018 sets this same time last year.In 2018, the 5-quarter ATB proof and silver sets were pacing ahead of where the 2019 are today, but by less than 10%, which isn’t too much given the sales were hovering at right around 60,000 each. The bigger difference comes when we examine the sales of the 10-coin clad and silver sets. The 2019 10-coin clad set is 70,866 units ahead of the 2018 set, or 22%, while the 2019 silver proof set is ahead by 73,230, or 34%.That’s quite a difference and begs the obvious question...why?What do you think?Let us know at