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Surge in Interest in Coins Finally at Hand

Consider it a coincidence barometer if you like, but I have recently noticed an uptick in the number of full page ads in local newspapers as well as ads on television where unnamed companies offer to purchase your coins as well as gold and silver in local hotels.

Considering the recent appreciation of gold and silver, followed by the subsequent increase in value of many intrinsic value driven coins, this suggests the surge in interest in coins many of us have been waiting for is finally at hand. These anonymous buyers, of course, offer to buy your coins at ‘up to’ some very staggering figures to encourage you to visit, but these hotel buyers are helping to draw new attention to coins.

Gold and silver prices are strong right now, directly impacting bullion coins such as American Eagles and common date precious metal composition dimes, quarters, and half dollars. This in turn is starting to draw new blood to the scarce to rare market, which is impacting not only auctions but over-the-counter and internet retail sales as well.

The price of the perennially popular Morgan silver dollar series remains surprising low, but prices remain strong in other special interest areas including Indian cents and Walking Liberty half dollars, especially if the quality is there. The American Numismatic Association convention in August often kicks off the new coin collecting season. There is reason for optimism this year.