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Simply Put: The Market Is Hot

While many of the generally available yet bullion spot price impacted silver and gold business strike coins as well as American Eagles are currently in a holding pattern, the same is not true for scarce to rare coins. More headline-grabbing rare dates are being brought to market almost daily, with upcoming auctions now becoming chocked full of material that seldom appears to be available.


Simply put, the market is hot. This makes it a good time for sellers who have been holding such material for some time. It also makes it a good time for buyers eager to add these coins to their collections or portfolios while the rarities are becoming more available. Should the market stumble, the number of truly rare coins being offered will quickly diminish. Right now is also a good time to be shopping around. There are lots of pricing inconsistencies for like coins between dealers. This is particularly true for key and scarcer date coins for just about every denomination.

Kitco recently questioned if the spot price of gold will emulate its late 1970s performance where it rose from about $100 to $850 as the U.S. dollar declined on world markets. Such a move would once more send bullion-impacted and bullion coins forward.

Bloomberg news recently forecasted central bank bullion purchases to accelerate during 2021. This needs to be watched since Colombia and Uzbekistan recently sold off some of their gold reserves. It may be disappointing that these moves impact so many collectible coins, but we are in a new normal world where economics impact many coin prices.

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