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Silver, gold bullion coins sell well

The new release of the 2014 American Eagle uncirculated gold coin boosted gold American Eagle sales from the Mint. Already selling 1,844 since its release on May 22, it helped boost overall gold American Eagle sales to 11,000 coins in the past week.

The silver American Eagle continues to sell well as buyers go for bullion. Bullion silver Eagle sales were at 201,500 for the past week. Collector sales accounted for another 12,406 coins.

Very quickly, the Great Smoky Mountains 5-ounce bullion coin has sold out. Offered only a month and a half ago, the Mint sold 24,742 when figures were adjusted for returns.

The 2014 uncirculated, proof and silver proof sets are selling consistently, with the uncirculated set selling 17,012 units, the clad proof set selling 22,463 units in the last week and the silver proof set selling 13,534 units. This totals 53,009 collector sets sold so far.

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