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Silver Eagles Reach 1 Million in October

A quiet wind-down continues for the United States Mint offerings as the close of 2022 nears. No new products have been released since our last report.

As for current product sales, the top performer this week is the 2022 clad proof set. It jumped an impressive 6,311 from last week for a total of 382,243. The low price point of $32, compared to other Mint sets, is surely driving sales.

The 2022 limited edition proof set, at the other end of the spectrum with a price just north of $200, is the next best-seller this week. It is a distant second with an increase of 2,186 for a total of 30,345. However, if we look at the percentage increase based on total units sold, the set is performing quite well.

Rounding out the list are the 2022 silver proof set with an increase of 1,775 and the 2022 uncirculated set with a jump of 1,715.

Gold and silver bullion sales are fairly quiet this week with one item of note being the silver American Eagle bullion coins crossing the 1-million mark in October. November numbers have not yet been released. Stay tuned!